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Fuck the Thigh Gap – exercising after a baby

I am not a natural athlete. Partaking in any exercise immediately produces a purple face with a bluey green moustached area above my upper lip. I sweat… a lot. I’m wheezy, asthmatic and sound like I’m eighty. And on top … Continue reading

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Beyonce’s Bum and Feminism – what the ‘Partition’ video says to me

I have never once heard a One Direction song. Well actually that’s a lie – I once heard a four piece band (who were not One Direction) sing one of their songs in a kitchen – yes one of my … Continue reading

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The only thing that might make you consider neutering your child??

This conversation just happened. Spellcheck fails are nearly the best part of having a smart phone. Only beaten by being able to play Peppa Pig any place where you need to vaguely control a toddler, or googling Meningitis Symptoms in … Continue reading

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Mind The Gap

People always say that mothers forget about the birth otherwise they would never have another child. This is a lie. Every single detail of both of my births are seared on my brain and now yours too if you have … Continue reading

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Chanelling Ripley – or – How to Get Rid of a Mouse When You Have Kids

As anyone who has read my cats (they are just waiting for their owners to die so they can eat their kidneys) blog will know – I am not quite at one with nature. So the (v amusing) yelp of … Continue reading

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Travelling with kids – looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue

First things first – some apologies are in order. My already sporadic blogging has been even slower lately because I have been on holiday. Or to use its other post baby name – going somewhere else to have even less … Continue reading

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Feminist Guilt (or how to be a nice bitch)

I am a lady (albeit in the loosest sense of the word) and generally I’m glad of the fact. Yes there are many downsides – childbirth, periods, constant ongoing battle to moderate body hair but at least during puberty you … Continue reading

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