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Beyonce’s Bum and Feminism – what the ‘Partition’ video says to me

I have never once heard a One Direction song. Well actually that’s a lie – I once heard a four piece band (who were not One Direction) sing one of their songs in a kitchen – yes one of my … Continue reading

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The only thing that might make you consider neutering your child??

This conversation just happened. Spellcheck fails are nearly the best part of having a smart phone. Only beaten by being able to play Peppa Pig any place where you need to vaguely control a toddler, or googling Meningitis Symptoms in … Continue reading

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Mind The Gap

People always say that mothers forget about the birth otherwise they would never have another child. This is a lie. Every single detail of both of my births are seared on my brain and now yours too if you have … Continue reading

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Double Bloody Gs

I am in supermarket checkout queue. With children. (not right now obviously, I am painting you a picture of the other day). I suddenly see the 3 year old appears to be fascinated by the checkout lady. Quite a lot … Continue reading

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Evil in Pet’s Clothing..

I’m allergic to cats. Quite badly allergic to cats. So obviously they fucking love me.  After  years of scientific study I have come to the conclusion that cats can read minds, affect the space time continuum and I am even … Continue reading

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Entering Stage Left

It had to be done at some point. Any parenting blog worth its low salt toddler meal will have to talk about it. The first feeling of a planned pregnancy (we’ll approach unplanned another time) when you check your blue … Continue reading

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Sausage Wars and Cheesy Stuffed Artery Dippers

I have to apologise muchly to anyone who reads my ramblings occasionally. All has been quiet on the blunderbuss front lately and I’m very sorry. Basically I’ve been offered more work which I really need to take being freelance and … Continue reading

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