I am a fairly well adjusted mother of two fabulous kidderoos. A boy who has just turned three and a little girl of fourteen months. Becoming a parent is genuinely the best thing you will ever do but in my experience it is also the hardest. It’s obviously overwhelming and life changing and a lot of people want to tell you about it as there are a gazillion parenting blogs out there. I humbly add my own which is a tale of muddling through with crazy eyes and a bit of sick in my hair.

I am also a freelance marketing and communications specialist. With experience across; brand development and positioning; communications strategy; campaign planning and executional work; digital media; design/creative development including product, packaging and copy writing (I tend to swear a lot less in that).

Finally I have also starting writing fiction/TV ideas for children and younger people which is such a joy so far. I would also be very happy to write about lifestyle stuff along the lines of my blog for anyone who might pay me – and I really would be very cheap.

If anyone would like to contact me about anything I write about or about any of the stuff I do professionally as above then please do give me a shout on:



Please distract me from my children... please!

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